Introducing a special member of my little workshop

Since April this year, I have a new member of my little workshop, a multi-talented individual who took over more than one task: meet Lexy, my apprentice and Quality Control Manager.

Although she's still young, she's very eager to help in the process of creation, so we came to terms of her new tasks. She's officially listed as a member of my shop on Etsy.

Lexy's Bio:

Lexy was born on March 18, 2015. We adopted her very early, on April 25, because the circumstances required immediate action. She was already eating solid food, so we had no problems with her diet (although she did have a special diet, recommended by her veterinarian). When she arrived into our home, she was just a handful pile of cuddly fluff, as you can see on her first photo in her new home. She's a very bright kitten, it took only 2 days for her to start using her kitty toilette.

OK, it's a blurry photo, but here's another one :) She loved belly rubs. :)))

When she was 3 months old, she showed interest for my work. The first thing she wanted to learn is the art of making magic wands. Since she was tiny, she had to climb to the highest (safe) spot, to oversee the process of creation. I suppose this makes me a fully equipped witch. ;)

When she mastered the art of making magic wands, with her new confidence, she took a step further in her career, and took over a role of Quality Control Manager. Not a single wand can be considered as finished, without her control. Therefore, all magic wands are 100% kitty approved, after being carefully inspected by Lexy, my Quality Control Manager. From the evidence presented below, you can see that she is very thorough in performing her task. Sometimes too thorough... LOL

There is one little problem, though: since her main hobbies are chewing and scratching, she's still not allowed to do the task without my supervision. But, nevertheless, she's not discouraged by the current state, she even took more responsibility, and started to check dragon eggs. Sometimes she gets tired by all the hard work, and has to take a nap immediately... and I have to figure out how to continue with photo-shooting without disturbing my valuable apprentice. :)

She also checks and guards dragon eggs, and she continuously insists to be on photos with dragon eggs. This got her additional title of Dragon Keeper. Sometimes she gets too enthusiastic in performing her "duties" and I have to stop whatever I'm doing at the moment and advert her attention to something else.

And if I have to move her from the "photo set", she has very subtle techniques for successful photobombing :D

Subtle photobombing techniques :)))

There is only one more thing I wanted to share with you about Lexy: she has superpowers :) She can climb horizontal walls. My friends say that that's because she's exposed to magic wands and dragon eggs. This short video is just here to prove it (she was only 3 months old in this video).