Introducing My Dragon Eggs Species - Midnight Shadow

Midnight Shadow dragon is one of the largest dragons ever existed. Midnight Shadow is very dangerous, sometimes even to humans. Midnight black dragon scales reflect moonlight in a very special way. Their dragon eggs are black as a midnight sky, usually hidden in remote and dark places, so their very hard to find. These dragons have their secret rituals, but no one has lived to tell the tale about it.

The dragon egg comes with a tale about Midnight Shadow dragons. There is an additional feature for those who would like to personalize their dragon egg set: it's a Dragon Keeper certificate, dedicated to the name of your choice. 

There are several sizes of dragon eggs (check the size comparison photo at the end of this post). This is how it looks in size S. Midnight Shadow dragon egg can be purchased directly from me, or from my Etsy shop.

This is Midnight Shadow dragon egg in size M.

And here is the L sized black dragon egg.

All other sizes are available upon request: dragon eggs are made to order. To get more precise info on price and shipping costs, go to my Etsy shop and check Dragon Eggs shop section. If you don't see the dragon egg of the desired species in size you'd like, just check the price of any other dragon egg species of the same size, and send me a message to check availability.