Magic Wands

My imagination takes me to different places and gives me new ideas. One of those ideas were inspired by fantasy, which is no wonder, because deep inside I am and always have been a geek. 

This year I also started crafting magic wands. It was shy at the beginning, but then I let my imagination take me. My magic wands had their first live premiere at Potter Mania con, ant it was a huge success.

When making magic wands, I always pay attention not to make two wands that are the same. They are all unique and one of a kind. And they're all kitty approved ;)

Kitty approved magic wands

A part of kitty approval process.

As you can see, my apprentice takes her job very seriously, so each and every single wand is carefully inspected. She even helps me during process of making wands, so everything is done properly, as a witch should do it ;)))

In the process of making wands, I have a cat on my back, as a real witch should ;)))

My magic wands can be used for cosplay, fantasy themed parties, LARP, or just for fun and they are ideal as a gift for geeks, since they come in custom made boxes. Below are photographs of my magic wands, of which many have already found their witches and wizards. To check availability of a particular wand, you can send me a private message, or go to my shop (please note that not all wands are listed in my shop, I add them daily, so you should check availability by sending me a message, if you don't see your favorite wand). Majority of my magic wands have glow-in-the dark features, which is explained in the listings.

This is the first series of magic wands I've made. Most of them are gone, and only 3 wands from this photo are available.
My first series of magic wands

All wands from the second series of magic wands (photo below) have already found their wizard and witches.

Magic wands - all sold out.

Before Potter Mania con I was so busy, that I did not have time to even photograph my magic wands, so this is the only acceptable photo I have, courtesy to my kind colleague Bojana. At this moment, several wands were already sold, so some wands from the third series haven't been photographed at all.

                                                                        Design by Wendy's magic wands @ Potter Mania con.

That is why now I am very careful now to photograph all freshly made wands. :)))

Only three wands left from this series.

There are many more magic wands available, but I've already posted too many photos, so I'll post them next time. In the meanwhile, check my shop to see new wands, and find the one that was made for you. :)