My Galaxy Shirt DIY project

Recently I stumbled upon one very interesting project - galaxy T shirt. The moment I saw it, I just knew which shirt I was going to use. I rarely do projects for myself, so this was a special treat.

The instructions couldn't be precise regarding how much you have to dissolve the bleach, because it depends on product, so it was basically a risk, so I used other shirt, which was already old and worn out, to experiment.

And here is the result of the experiment No. 1 :)

Obviously, I dissolved bleach too much. The shirt looks more like tie-dye, than a galaxy...
Since this was unsuccessful experiment, I did not want to waste time or fabric paint to add stars.

Since I ran out of old shirts which could serve the purpose of this project (it had to be one color, dark shade T shirt), I had to work on the shirt I wanted to refashion.

So, this is the result of the experiment No. 2 :) 

Not quite what I wanted, but I think it looks good. I couldn't take better pic, because it's very cloudy and raining today (and it will rain for next 3 days), but I promise to take photo in the shirt on the first sunny day.