Save the Asylum in Niš, Serbia, and help 450 dogs to avoid euthanasia!

This is urgent! One of the most shameful and horrifying decisions that representatives of Serbian government made recently: 450 dogs are in danger of being euthanize! City of Niš (Serbia, Europe) wants to close the dog asylum in Niš. Only 3 days left before eviction!

Spread the word and make them change their decision!

How can you help?
  1. Spread the word (always use the hashtag #savesashasdogs)
  2. Sign the petition.
  3. Make a photo of you and your pet(s) with following text written on a piece of paper, and don't forget to use the hashtag #savesashasdogs


See how people all around the world have already supported the cause:

 More info on Serbia's Forgotten Paws fb page 
Serbia's Forgotten Paws fb page announcement:

Please share the post below with local and national papers, with local and national rescue groups, animal lovers sites and forums. Share share share and more importantly write letters! These dogs will pay with their lives if we don't succeed overturning the decision to move them! They have nowhere to go. City of Nis will just make them disappear. Please write to them asking to extend the move date, provide appropriate shelter and site to move the dogs to or build an eu approved shelter they promised to build years ago!

Sasha's 450 dogs days are numbered, unless you help us put a stop to their eviction!

The city of Nis has issued an order stating that the dogs must be moved from the shelter within 15 days (19th of December) or they will be collected and taken away by the dog catchers. For once, the dog catchers are on our side, they have nowhere to place 450 dogs but they will have no choice but to collect them.

These dogs have done nothing wrong. Most have suffered terribly in the hands of men and have found their sanctuary at Sasha’s but now that is under threat and must do something to save them!
A petition is being created by one of Sasha’s main supporters, The Harmony Fund, USA that we will as you to sign and share as soon as it is up. We, along with SOS for Serbian Animals, Tierschutz Sonne, Puppy Rescue Belgium and Straydogs Belgium are busy writing letters to all those involved in making the decision and being able to change it but we desperately need your help and need it now! 

* We need to make these dogs too hot to handle
* We cannot allow them to be taken and for them to disappear
* Or worse yet, for them to be murdered
* They have done nothing wrong
* Their welfare depends on us
* They have no one, Sasha and his volunteers are on their own and the city is not listening
* We need to get this into the public eye all over the world
* If they evacuate Sasha’s shelter, Jelena’s dogs are next, will this ever end ?
* Serbia is desperate to get into the EU
* We cannot allow another ‘Romania’ in, they must change, they must help their dogs

We ask you to write polite emails to the following addresses armed with the following requests and facts: 
a) Ask for extension of the move date, it is unrealistic to move all these dogs in 15 days (now less than a week)
b) Ask that a suitable alternative is provided by the city of Nis itself as the stray dogs is in reality their problem and we are doing them a favour by feeding, vaccinating, neutering such a large number of dogs and keeping them off of the streets
c) Ask for the city of Nis to fulfill their promise of building an EU standard approved shelter
d) Ask the city of Nis to improve Sasha’s shelter and bring it up to the EU standard
e) Tell them you are disgusted with their decision to move 450 innocent beings
f) Tell them you are appalled how little they do for stray animals, considering how much money they receive to deal with the issue of stray dogs
g) Tell them that the whole world will be watching and that you will be writing to your MPs
h) Tell them you will be contacting the media unless they are willing to cooperate and do the right thing

These are the addresses, please, please, please lets save Sasha’s dogs. No dog is safe in Nis if they evict them and make them disappear. If you receive any replies, please pass them onto us. It is most likely that we will be needing to go further and go to court:

• Prime minister - Aleksandar Vučić: beograd@sns.org.rs
• Mayor - Prof. Dr Zoran Perišić : zoranperisic@gu.ni.rs
• Chief Cabinet Minister - Marija Blečić: kabinet@mgsi.gov.rs
• Ministry for veterinarians and agriculture, sector for PR, they are dealing with vet problems - Prof.Dr Snežana Bogosavljević Bošković: press@minpolj.gov.rs
• Ministry for vet problems, sector for animal welfare - Maja Andrijašević: andrijasevic@minpolj.gov.rs
• Ministry of Belgrade republic vet inspection, Nis city vet inspection is under them) - Sanja Čelebićanin: s.celebicanin@minpolj.gov.rs
• City government for civil problem and general work - Aleksandar Ranđelović: raleksandar@gu.ni.rs
• City authority for municipal affairs, traffic and energy - Miodrag Brešković: bmiodrag@gu.ni.rs
• City authority for planning and building - Rodoljub Mihajlović: mrodoljub@gu.ni.rs
• City authority for property and inspections - Ljubiša Janić: jaljubisa@gu.ni.rs

Sasha has been at the disused riding school he turned into sanctuary for dogs for years, but recently he took on the city’s main vet to court for spaying females more than once in order to get paid more, not only that but he stitched them back up with rope, or worse yet, nothing so their insides would fall out and they’d die an agonising death.

We don’t think it is a coincidence that he has now been served with eviction notice but we have no proof, and that will be a different letter writing campaign, for now, we just need a safe solution for 450+ dogs who will be homeless or dead through no fault of their own due to Serbian politics!