Christmas Shopping Important Announcement

Due to amount of pending orders, only ready to ship items purchased as of this point can be delivered before Christmas, exclusively with express shipping option. For purchases made after December 14, I cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas, even with express shipping option.

READY TO SHIP ITEMS which can be found in my Etsy shop are:




There are several items, such as magic wands and ooak bags, that are not listed in my shop, but I simply cannot grab enough time to make proper photos and list them. However, you can ask for them in a pivate message.


Personalized Wand Ownership Certificate

In the next two weeks, when you purchase a wand, you will receive a free printable digital file with personalized Wand Ownership Certificate.This is a sample.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Ljubljana, Slovenia, to participate at ARTish crafts show. I'll be back on Sunday evening. This is my first crafts show abroad, so wish me luck :)


Dragon Eggs Inspired by "Game of Thrones" the book from "A Song of Ice and Fire" Series

This is one more thing I've got that is ready to ship - the Game of Thrones dragon egg set. A real fandom thing. I've left it for a separate post, because I have so many wonderful photos, and I couldn't choose just one. It's a set of dragon eggs that I've made according to the book, not the TV show, because I prefer their description in the book:

One egg was a deep green, with burnished bronze flecks that came and went depending on how Dany turned it. Another was pale cream streaked with gold. The last was black, as black as a midnight sea, yet alive with scarlet ripples and swirls.

I took my time in creating this set, and it took me days until I was satisfied with the result. I'm not trying to brag about it, I just wanted them to look like I've imagined them. I'm a huge fan of the Game of Thrones, and it was real pleasure for me to create this dragon eggs set. I've found a beautiful wooden chest, for which I believe fits perfectly with the complete story. And, of course, it's a limited edition set, because I've spent a little too much time making it.

This is the true gothic Khaleesi, who looks wonderful with her purple hair.

And recently I've been to Evenstar Fantasy Festival, as a seller, and I was lucky to find these 3 wonderful Game of Thrones cosplayers - Daenerys Targaryen, Lord Petyr Baelish (known as Littlefinger) and Lord Varys. So, for the first time, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion were reunited with Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons. :) (I hope I've got Daenerys' title right LOL)

Photo credits: Piroshki Photography

And, of course, I had to include myself in photos with all of them. :))) It was their idea that each of them holds the dragon egg matching their robe. :)

Photo credits: Piroshki Photography

Photo credits: Piroshki Photography

And a couple more photos of my favorite dragon eggs.


Christmas Shopping: Important Announcement

Due to amount of pending orders, all "made to order" items has to be shipped with express shipping option, to be delivered before Christmas.

Made to order items in my shops (Etsy, Rebels Market and Amaranth) are dragon eggs and hand painted bags, with exception of several ready-to-ship items. Ready to ship dragon eggs are listed below, while bags are listed in two separate posts - bags post 1 and bags post 2. These items can be shipped as regular mail (with tracking number) by December 2. There is only one of each item available.

Only one piece of each item is available. All items will be sent within 3 business days from the date of purchase (my local time, GMT+1 time zone). After the item is sold, it becomes "made to order" item, so please, check availability before purchase. 


Dragon eggs size comparison photo can be found at the end of this post.

Fire dragon egg, of the most romantic Fire Heart Dragon, size L, (styrofoam base egg). It comes in wooden chest, with story about Fire Heart dragon. Available option: personalized Dragon Keeper certificate. Available here.

Forest Blast dragon egg, 5 inch (size XXL), styrofoam base egg. It comes in wooden chest, with story about Forest Blast dragon.  Available option: personalized Dragon Keeper certificate. .Shop here.

SORRY, THIS ITEM IS NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING - MADE TO ORDER ONLY. Fire Heart dragon egg, size S (wooden base egg). It comes in wooden chest, with story about Fire Heart dragon.  Available option: personalized Dragon Keeper certificate. Shop here.

Sky Master dragon egg, size M (wooden base egg). It comes in wooden chest, with story about Sky Master dragon. Available option: personalized Dragon Keeper certificate. Shop here.

These Asian dragon eggs are one of a kind and ready to ship. They cannot be duplicated, so each dragon egg is unique.

Copper and gold dragon egg, from the Asian Dragon series (shop here).

Blue dragon egg, from the Asian Dragon series (shop here).

Purple dragon egg, from the Asian Dragon series (shop here).

Silver and black dragon egg, from the Asian Dragon series (shop here).

These two bags are not included in Early Christmas Shopping Special Offer, which can be found here and here, but they are ready to ship withing 3 days from purchase. They are ideal gifts for Him, gift for boyfriend or husband. Surprise your beau with one of these OOAK hand painted vintage army bags.

Hand painted vintage army messenger bag (shop here)

Japanese rising sun, hand painted vintage army small messenger bag (shop here)

Dragon eggs size comparison

Christmas Shopping Time - Get 10% Discount on Ready To Ship Hand Painted Bags (Part Two)

Christmas shopping time has begun! I've decided to make a little gift for early Christmas shoppers: all ready-to-ship hand painted bags are 10% off item's price. If you decide to buy one of these bags, write me a note on Etsy (convo me directly from the item's listing using button "Ask a Question"), to ask for coupon code. "Made to order" bags are not included in this offer.

"Ask a Question" button on item's listing
This is the second (final) part of the list of hand painted bags included in this special Christmas offer. Part one can be found here. Also, please read important announcement regarding shipping time during Christmas rush here.

Sugar skull backpack, Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead (shop here)

Galaxy backpack (shop here)

Galaxy backpack (shop here)

Famous pirate captain's portrait with quote (shop here)

Triple Goddess and Spiral Goddess bag (shop here)


Magic Wands, Christmas Shopping Special Offer

My Early Christmas Shopping campaign continues with another special offer: free personalized ownership certificate for each wand purchased (printable digital file). 

Choose a wand from my shop and add a note with your purchase, containing following info: name of the person, title of the wand owner (witch, wizard etc) and paper format (Letter 8” ½ x 11” inch or A4). 

These are just some of the wands currently available, but check back my Magic Wands shop section regularly, as new wands are added daily. Each magic wand is hand made and one of a kind - there are no two identical wands. Once it's sold, it's gone.

And yes, I know I still owe you the part two of 10% discount on Ready to Ship Bags, and I promise, I will post it ASAP. :)

Gold and green magic wand (shop here). Photo credits: Mila Raskolnjikov
Moonstone magic wand (shop here)

Black and copper magic Wand with leather grip (shop here)

All wands are 100% kitty approved, after being carefully inspected by my special apprentice ;)


BeoKon Weekend

I still haven't posted photos from the previous events, though I have an excuse, I've been very productive :) and I'm already heading to a new event: BeoKon. This two day convention is looking like it will be the biggest fandom event ever held in Belgrade, and I'm very excited to be a part of it, as a participant in Artist Alley.

BeoKon is loaded with quality program, and there's also a celebrity guest of honor  - Dave McKean.

The program can be found here, it's in Serbian, but it can be translated with google translate.


Christmas Shopping Time - Get 10% Discount on Ready To Ship Hand Painted Bags (Part One)

Christmas shopping time has begun! I've decided to make a little gift for early Christmas shoppers: all ready-to-ship hand painted bags are 10% off item's price. If you decide to buy one of these bags, write me a note on Etsy (convo me directly from the item's listing using button "Ask a Question"), to ask for coupon code. "Made to order" bags are not included in this offer.

"Ask a Question" button on item's listing

This is the first part (1/2) of the list of hand painted bags included in this special Christmas offer. Part 2 is here. Also, please read important announcement regarding shipping time during Christmas rush here.

Game of Thrones House Targaryen bag (click here to see item's listing)

Game of Thrones House Martell bag (click here to see listing)

Happy Dream, original art hand painted backpack (click here to see listing)

Peace sign canvas backpack (click here to see listing)


Magick Journals and Books

Something new from my little workshop - hand decorated notebooks and folders. They are not listed on selling sites yet, but they had a premiere on Evenstar Fantasy Festival.

They are not real books (with text inside), they are altered, hand decorated notebooks and folders, so they can be used for whatever purpose you wish.


Changes to Etsy search results algorithm

Etsy recently changed the search results algorithm enforcing local shops to buyers, although there is already a button “Shop Locally” for choosing to display results from local shops. This means that shops from small countries won’t have the same chance to reach buyers, without buyers’ knowledge. We pay the same fees as anyone else, and the reason we have joined Etsy in the first place was to get global exposure, so we want Etsy to undo the recent changes, and give us all the fair chance and equal opportunity.

Sign the petition today and make the difference!


Pismo Nataši

Draga Nataša,

Ne znam ni kako da započnem da ti pričam ovo,  jer nisam navikla da ti pišem. Navikla sam da te pozovem telefonom. Navikla sam da dođeš na kafu. Navikla sam  da te srentem ispred zgrade. Navikla sam da te sretnem na Slaviji, ma bilo gde u Beogradu... uvek si bila u pokretu, u nekoj akciji. A sada ne mogu ni da te pozovem telefonom, da ti kažem koliko mi ndeostaješ. Da ti ispričam kako po komšiluku lažu da te više nema, i da se zajedno iščuđavamo tim ljudima koji su u stanju da pričaju takve stvari. Da ti kažem kako niko od nas ne veruje u to, i kako te svi čekamo da naiđeš od nekud, onako veselo, kako samo ti umeš. Jer to ne može biti istina. Ne , može! Ti si sigurno samo negde otišla, da obaviš nešto, da se sretneš sa nekim prijateljima, pa ćeš doći, je l' da? Verovatno si kod one tvoje drugarice u Sremčici kod koje uvek prespavaš, pa ćeš sutra da se vratiš kući? Reci mi da je tako, molim te! Jer ne može biti istina da se nećeš vratiti! Pa ko je voleo život više od tebe? Ko je bio tako pun energije i stalno bio u pokretu? Ko je uvek imao osmeh na licu? Ko je uvek iskreno brinuo i saosećao sa svima? Ne bi ti otišla tek tako, znam to. Zato te i dalje očekujem da se pojaviš iza ćoška, i da shvatim kako je sve ovo bila jedna velika noćna mora, koja je delovala suviše realno.

Mi smo svi tužni i plačemo. Plačemo mi, svi mi, koji smo te poznavali. Ali, zapravo, treba da plaču oni koji te nikada nisu upoznali. Jer su mnogo izgubili. Jer nisu upoznali toplo ljudsko biće, potpuno neiskvareno, puno ljubavi za sve oko sebe, uvek vedra i puna nade, spremna da pomogne svakome. Baš svakome. Nikada u svom životu nisam upoznala nekoga kao što si ti. A svi bi mi trebalo da budemo takvi, da volimo život i da živimo život punim plućima, kao što si ti radila. Da ne gubimo ni jedan dragoceni momenat koji nam je dat da provedemo ovde, među ljudima koje volimo.

Boli me što nisam imala priliku da se pozdravim sa tobom, da ti kažem koliko te volim, i koliko si ti izuzetna. Boli me što skoro ceo jedan dan nisam znala da te više nema. Boli me što si otišla tako iznenada. Boli me što to ne mogu da ti kažem...

Ljubomorna sam na anđele što oni sada uživaju u tvom društvu. Mogli su da sačekaju još malo. Barem još 35 godina, šta je to za njih, kad oni imaju večnost? Kako to da mi nismo dobili šansu da pomognemo tebi, a ti si pomogla tolikim ljudima?

Zahvalna sam i srećna što sam te poznavala i što si mi ukazala tu čast da budemo bliske prijateljice. Ali ne mogu sada da potisnem tu tugu koja me pritiska, iako sebi govorim da je sigurno postojao razlog što si morala da odeš tako naglo. Jer ti ne bi tek tako otišla, bez pozdrava, da nije bilo važno. Zar ne? Nadam se da sada smeš da jedeš koliko god želiš sladoleda, i da bezbrižno uživaš u svojoj omiljenoj poslastici bez griže savesti.

Voli te tvoja Wendyka


Introducing a special member of my little workshop

Since April this year, I have a new member of my little workshop, a multi-talented individual who took over more than one task: meet Lexy, my apprentice and Quality Control Manager.

Although she's still young, she's very eager to help in the process of creation, so we came to terms of her new tasks. She's officially listed as a member of my shop on Etsy.

Lexy's Bio:

Lexy was born on March 18, 2015. We adopted her very early, on April 25, because the circumstances required immediate action. She was already eating solid food, so we had no problems with her diet (although she did have a special diet, recommended by her veterinarian). When she arrived into our home, she was just a handful pile of cuddly fluff, as you can see on her first photo in her new home. She's a very bright kitten, it took only 2 days for her to start using her kitty toilette.

OK, it's a blurry photo, but here's another one :) She loved belly rubs. :)))

When she was 3 months old, she showed interest for my work. The first thing she wanted to learn is the art of making magic wands. Since she was tiny, she had to climb to the highest (safe) spot, to oversee the process of creation. I suppose this makes me a fully equipped witch. ;)

When she mastered the art of making magic wands, with her new confidence, she took a step further in her career, and took over a role of Quality Control Manager. Not a single wand can be considered as finished, without her control. Therefore, all magic wands are 100% kitty approved, after being carefully inspected by Lexy, my Quality Control Manager. From the evidence presented below, you can see that she is very thorough in performing her task. Sometimes too thorough... LOL

There is one little problem, though: since her main hobbies are chewing and scratching, she's still not allowed to do the task without my supervision. But, nevertheless, she's not discouraged by the current state, she even took more responsibility, and started to check dragon eggs. Sometimes she gets tired by all the hard work, and has to take a nap immediately... and I have to figure out how to continue with photo-shooting without disturbing my valuable apprentice. :)

She also checks and guards dragon eggs, and she continuously insists to be on photos with dragon eggs. This got her additional title of Dragon Keeper. Sometimes she gets too enthusiastic in performing her "duties" and I have to stop whatever I'm doing at the moment and advert her attention to something else.

And if I have to move her from the "photo set", she has very subtle techniques for successful photobombing :D

Subtle photobombing techniques :)))

There is only one more thing I wanted to share with you about Lexy: she has superpowers :) She can climb horizontal walls. My friends say that that's because she's exposed to magic wands and dragon eggs. This short video is just here to prove it (she was only 3 months old in this video).