Great designer

I've started making digital files last year. I'm trying to grow my collection of fonts, cliparts and useful tools. I came across this great website and decided to buy a PS action. And you know what? The designer is the most helpful and the most professional seller I've encountered in a long while.

There is nothing more for me to say, please, go check their website, there are many awesome things to find, and there are even some freebies.



Mother's Day gift - start looking now

Although Mother's Day might seem too far from now, if you're planning to buy your mom a unique gift online, it's time for you to start looking now. If you're planning to buy from abroad, have in mind that international shipments take time to be delivered, so this is the right time for you to start looking for a perfect gift for your mother.

Below are just few hand made products from my shop that you might like. Of course, there are more products, but I don't like to write too long posts. 😁

1. Hand painted galaxy shirt, V neck loose fit XXL black cotton shirt for women. Available here.

2. Fish pond 3D resin painting in wooden box. Unique gift for unique mother. If your mom has a jealous pet cat, this is ideal solution for her to still have fish pond. 😁 Available here. It was painted by my mom, who's very talented painter.

3. If your mom is active outdoors and she likes bright colors, this summer beach bag is perfect for her. This spacious large tote bag has lots of pockets, to organize contents of the bag (so she won't have to search for her phone, or keys). This bag is available here - and your mom won't know it was on sale. 😉

4. You can also choose from a selection of hand decorated jewelry / keepsake boxes. This box is available here.


Wands and how I make them

I use many techniques to make wands. I am taken by the moment and usually create a wand as it takes me. Sometimes I have a specific idea in my head, but I mostly shape them in the process of creation. Usually just after I finish the shape, I decide which colors I would use. But not always... I simply don't have a pattern in making wands, I let them speak to me. 

Hand carved wood wand

I use all kind of sticks, from metal, to wood, but I avoid using plastic. I prefer to adorn them with glass, metal and real stones, to preserve natural elements.

Metal wand base

For wands made of wood I collect branches in the park surrounding the residential area where I live. Sometimes my friends bring me branches from their gardens, like rosewood. When I collect branches, I take only those already off the tree. I give offerings to the three they belong to. I am not a Wiccan, so wands haven't been consecrated. I avoid using electrical power tools for shaping wands, and I cut, sand and carve them by hands. Sometimes I hurt my hands and there's even blood, but I don't mind, because I enjoy making wands.

Work in progress

I always do a research for meaning of each wood type and semi precious stones I use, and include their meanings in wand's description.

Park around my home
Each wand is one of a kind, and I do not repeat the same design twice. 


Happy Valentine's Day

On behalf of Design by Wendy, Lexy wishes you happy Valentine's Day. 💖

She's a love cat, with a heart shaped mark on her paw. 

Lexy also wanted to inform you that besides Design by Wendy twitter profile, now she has also her private twitter profile Lexy_the_Cat, and it would be purrrfect if you'd follow her on twitter.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Last minute Valentine cards

It's only two days until Valentine's day. Have you prepared a perfect Valentine card? Are you still looking? Take a look at these digital printable Valentine cards and choose the perfect one. If you're looking for a geek, nerd or movie quote message, you should definitely check these Valentine cards.

All cards are instant download printable digital files in 300 dpi high resolution, ready for printing, with trim and fold marks.

'Moon of my life', love quote from Game of Thrones, is available in two variants - with distressed background and dark blue background.

Moon of my life with distressed background

Moon of my life with dark blue background

I love you and I know you know - Valentine card with reference to Star Wars quote.

I love you and I know you know

Notice me Senpai version 1 and Notice me Senpai version 2 - anime / manga pastel goth themed Valentine cards.

Notice me Senpai version 1

Notice me Senpai version 2

You jump, I jump, remember? - Valentine card with love quote from the Titanic movie.

You jump, I jump, remember?

You're my cutie Pi - impress your nerdy crush with these Valentine cards, with galaxy background or polka dots background.

You're my cutie Pi galaxy background

You're my cutie Pi polka dots background

You're the Sun of my galaxy - Valentine card with universal love message, written on galaxy background.

You're the Sun of my galaxy