Wands and how I make them

I use many techniques to make wands. I am taken by the moment and usually create a wand as it takes me. Sometimes I have a specific idea in my head, but I mostly shape them in the process of creation. Usually just after I finish the shape, I decide which colors I would use. But not always... I simply don't have a pattern in making wands, I let them speak to me. 

Hand carved wood wand

I use all kind of sticks, from metal, to wood, but I avoid using plastic. I prefer to adorn them with glass, metal and real stones, to preserve natural elements.

Metal wand base

For wands made of wood I collect branches in the park surrounding the residential area where I live. Sometimes my friends bring me branches from their gardens, like rosewood. When I collect branches, I take only those already off the tree. I give offerings to the three they belong to. I am not a Wiccan, so wands haven't been consecrated. I avoid using electrical power tools for shaping wands, and I cut, sand and carve them by hands. Sometimes I hurt my hands and there's even blood, but I don't mind, because I enjoy making wands.

Work in progress

I always do a research for meaning of each wood type and semi precious stones I use, and include their meanings in wand's description.

Park around my home
Each wand is one of a kind, and I do not repeat the same design twice.