Galaxy bag

Since I've started painting Galaxy shirts, I've became kind of obsessed with galaxy patterns LOL. The thing is that I love the way that each pattern looks completely different from others. So I've finally found time to make one Galaxy bag.

Galaxy bag convertible to backpack

I've used acrylic paints to create this galactic design. Purple nebula is painted with metallic violet and pink, while stars are silver and gold. Being very happy for having glow-in-the-dark paints, I couldn't resist to add stars that are very effective when they start glowing. Unfortunately, I didn't find a way yet to make a photo of a glow-in-the-dark effect (but I'm still working on it, since most of my magic wands, which I have presented in one of my previous posts are glow-in-the-dark). I also hand embroidered one gold star, with metallic gold thread. 

For this project I've used the reliable vintage army bag, which have proven to be THE best bags in the world, not only for painting purpose, because the canvas fabric is so smooth but tight and firm at the same time, but for the number of other reasons. They are practically indestructible and water resistant. Their size and multi-functionality makes them ideal for various uses: as a  men diaper bag, book bag, school bag,  hiking bag, everyday bag etc. As an additional treat, it's a heavy-duty bag and can carry a lot of weight - up to 10 kg = 22 lbs (but men have sworn to me that they were carrying even 15 kg in it - about 33 lbs).

These bags have been designed for former Yugoslav National Army as combat backpack. Their design is very practical: bag has one spacious pocket on front side, and two pockets inside (one can be inverted outside the bag and still carry load). The bag is convertible from backpack to messenger bag - it has two straps which can be detached and converted from backpack straps to shoulder / crossbody strap. The straps are padded to secure comfort while carrying heavy load. It has two additional straps on the bottom for carrying objects (such as changing baby mat, umbrella, yoga mat, or rolled jacket). 

Example of inner design and load that can be carried inside the bag (bigger books are A4 format)
What I also love about these bags is that they can be easily converted from a backpack to a messenger bag. These are bags with different paintings, but the same model. 
Approximate dimensions: W 11" (28 cm), H 10" (25 cm), depth 3 1/2 " (9 cm).

Wearing the bag as a backpack

Wearing the bag as a messenger bag
The bag with painting from the first photo is available and ready to ship (just send me a private message with query). The bag with painting from the second photo is currently available and ready to ship in a slightly different painting variation (ask for details in private message).

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