Galaxy Tshirts - part 2

As I've promised in my previous post, I'm introducing available Galaxy tshirts. There are only 6 Galaxy shirts left, and I don't plan to make new shirts in the next month or two, as I'm struggling with this enormous heat wave, because I'm probably one of the few people left in the world not  having air condition at my home (I'm extremely sensitive to a/c, and it can cause me numerous health issues), So, here they are, the 6 remaining Galaxy tshirts, which you can buy from my shop on Etsy, or directly from me. Each hand painted galaxy tee is one of a kind, and it is not possible to repeat the same pattern twice.

Black galaxy t shirt with hand painted galaxy in gold and silver stars with pink nebula and silver stardust. Available here.

Blue Galaxy tee with hand painted galaxy in gold and silver stars with purple haze. Available here.

Black t shirt with galaxy, hand painted stars in gold and silver.  Available here.

Blue galaxy tshirt with hand painted galaxy with gold and silver stars. Available here.

Woman's black top with galaxy, hand painted gold stars and stardust. Available here.

 Women's top tshirt with silver galaxy and pink nebula. Tee is dark teal blue. Available here.

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