Galaxy Tshirts

Remember my Galaxy shirt DIY project from last year? This year, I've decided to make more Galaxy shirts.

I've made several Galaxy tshirts in late May, and these are the ones that already found their new owners. I will post more Galaxy tees, which are currently available, in my next blog post. As you can see from photos, all Galaxy shirts are hand painted and one of a kind - there are no two alike. 

This was my first sold shirt. I am very proud to say that it was bought by my colleague, who is also a crafter herself. :)
Black and gold Galaxy shirt that was sold first.

This is the other shirt that I've managed to photograph on it's new owner.

Sleeveless Galaxy shirt.

Black and gold refashioned Galaxy t shirt, sold to my old customer. :)

This shirt was the most difficult to photograph. Actually, it looks lousy here, but in reality, it looks much better. Also bought by my other fellow crafter. 

Blue-gray Galaxy shirt - my colleague bought it :)

And this is my old shirt, from last years project. I've decided to re-design it. Unfortunately, the fabric of my own shirt is inadequate for painting, because the surface is ribbed and textile paints cannot stick, so the design doesn't last long.

My Galaxy shirt :)