Valentine's Day Different Romantic Gift

Valentine's day is approaching, have you decided on your gift? I had too much work for Christmas, actually I've worked around the clock, I've realized that people think of buying presents just couple of weeks before the holiday. This is my attempt to remind anyone who would like to order a hand made geek gift, that making these items take time, and not to even mention the shipping (over which I have no any power). So, if you'd like to order a most romantic dragon egg with personalized Dragon Keeper Certificate, this is the right time.

The item I recommend the most for the Valentine's Day is Fire Heart dragon egg, because it's the most romantic dragon of all species. I have already introduced Fire Heart dragon in one of my previous posts, so you can read more and find out why it is the ultimate romantic gift for geeks.

Dragon egg sizes available in my shop are:
L - see listing here (L size is also available in magenta and pink, please message me for this option)
M - see listing here
S - see listing here

You can also choose a dragon egg from other dragon species in my shop, and add a personalized Dragon Keeper certificate. Dragon Keeper certificate has standard text and it is personalized with the name of the person who will be appointed as a dragon keeper.

If you are late with ordering a dragon egg, here's another gift idea: choose a wand from my collection of one of a kind magic wands. Each wand is unique, and I never repeat the same design. Wands can be personalized with Wand Ownership Certificate (printable digital file), by adding the owner's name and title (eg. wizard, witch etc). Wands selection is changing frequently, so be sure to check out for new models regularly.

Magic wand and an example of Wand Ownership Certificate (name - Lexy, title - the Cat)

baguette magique Zauberstab Волшебная палочка магический жезл 魔法の杖 ハリーポッター コスプレ 魔法杖 オタク magic wand волшебные палочки Гарри Поттер Harry Potter косплей костюм для косплея 
драконье яйцо Драконьи яйца дракон драконы фэнтези 竜の卵と竜物語 竜の卵