I really don't know what happened yesterday, maybe it has to do something with my twitting activities, but I've had enormous number of visits on my blog. While it remains mystery to me, it gave me motivation to post on my blog, which I have neglected ;)

Since my last post with my products, I've made many new items. I'll start posting them one per day.

I am very busy these days, trying to recover my online shops on Etsy and DaWanda from oblivion, because I've made a huge mistake and set both my shops to "Vacation mode". That I won't do ever again, but I mean EVER! My Etsy shop was more affected than the one on DaWanda, and I am still struggling to get traffic from search engines.

I also opened second shop on Etsy. Flowers by Wendy is flowers only shop, because I've learned that flowers need to have a separate shop.

Today I am going to present one hand painted vintage army bag, which was inspired by Game of Thrones. You can guess that I was inspired to make this bag enchanted by the amazing character in GoT season 4 - Prince Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper, brilliantly performed by Pedro Pascal.

The bag is ready to ship, and it's available directly from me, or from my online shops on Etsy and DaWanda. You can read a detailed description of the bag below.

Unbowed Unbent Unbroken - Martell sigil and motto, Game of Thrones inspired hand painted army bag. Vintage Yugoslav Army (JNA) messenger bag convertible to backpack with hand painted Game of Thrones House Martell sigil and motto. The sigil is painted with high-quality German and French textile colors, washable up to 40 degrees C (104 F). It is a heavy-duty bag and can carry a lot of weight. 

The year of production is 1978 (it has a stamp inside). It has one spacious pocket on front side, and two pockets inside (one can be inverted outside the bag and still carry load). The bag is convertible from backpack to messenger bag - it has two straps which can be detached and converted from backpack straps to shoulder / crossbody strap. The straps are padded to secure comfort while carrying heavy load. It has two additional straps on the bottom for carrying objects (such as umbrella). 

Since the bag is vintage, it has some traces of using, such as slightly faded parts of surface, and leather straps need to be regularly treated with leather care products (or neutral shoe wax) to prevent drying and cracking.

Approximate dimensions: W 11" (28 cm), H 10" (25 cm), depth 3 1/2 " (9 cm).


The bag has a lot of metals parts, so it's quite heavy, and therefore the shipping cost is higher than usual. If you would like it to be shipped via Express Mail, please convo me, to adjust the shipping price.

Unless the customer requires other shipping methods, products are shipped with Post of Serbia, as a registered item with status tracing. This shipping method does not include insurance. If you would like the insurance added or express shipping, please contact me before making a payment to re-calculate the shipping cost. Items lost, stolen, or damaged in transit, are not eligible for refund or replacement.