Upcycling, recycling, refashioning....

You know, it's very difficult when you try to sell your product online and you're not a native speaker (I talk about English language). There are lot of terms you can find in titles and descriptions of products sold online, that you end up sooooo confused, wondering which one you should use. There are lot of ideas where to start from. First I browsed through shops whose owners are Americans, and I found out that the most popular and most common term used is 'upcycled'. I started using that term for all things I've altered, regardless of  the fact if it was used, or new, or even the extent of alteration I've made. But then, I started wondering am I using the right term, since I have bag made of old pair of jeans (this is upcycled, right?), new skirt that I have refashioned (yes, I know now - this is refashioning), some used bags that I have refashioned, new jackets that I have altered etc. So I started looking for explanations online. And I found one appropriate term 'refashioned', for things that I have altered but haven't changed their shape or purpose (e.g. refashioning a jacket by adding details), but I still have dilemma:

What is the difference between unused new things that I have refashioned and used things that I have refashioned? Is there a different term for each?

Also, I have a small doubt about those jeans turned into a bag: is 'upcycled' more appropriate that 'repurposed'?

I really need some help here. So please, help me! What are these?

Is this jacket refashioned? This is a used jacket.

This is a vintage army bag. I've hand painted the cherry blossoms. Is this refashioning, or something else?

These are used bags. I did not change their shape, but I've significantly changed their overall look. Is this refashioning, or something else?

My friend bought a pair of jeans, but found out that they were too tight. So she gave it to me. I could not wear it, because it was too big for me, and I've decided to make a pair of shorts. So this was made of completely new and unused garment, but I've made significant alterations (from long to short) and added yellow ribbons. Is this refashioning or upcycling?