Made by My Left Hand - Wire Wrapped Jewelry

I'm tired of blogging only about me, myself and I, so today I'm going to introduce my husband's work. He's a real wizard with wire, and wire wrapping is his thing. I'm having really hard time not stealing most of his finished pieces, because his jewelry is so beautiful, I just want to have it all. He has his own shop Made by My Left Hand, for more than two years now. He named his shop due to the fact that he's left handed and proud of it. :)

If you're looking for a special gift for her, this is the place where you will fond something for sure. This is not only jewelry, these are special pieces, with statement and soul.

Since he made so many beautiful pieces, I'm going to present them in several blog posts, separated by jewelry type. I will begin with pendants and necklaces.

Interesting thing about his jewelry is that it grabs attention of male population. Not once we have heard from a guy lost in the crafts show (just following his girlfriend or wife with an I'm-bored-to-death face) saying something like: "Wow! This is really incredible! I don't usually (or ever) look at jewelry, but this is stunning work!". I don't know why is that, maybe because they can sense that "mail touch" invisible to our women's eyes (or just irrelevant), but that's something we hear very often.

This is his choice of pendant necklaces, but if you visit his shop, you'll find much more.

Enough talk, more photos!

Wire wrapped copper necklace with natural Jade stone (shop here)

Labradorite and copper wire wrapped pendant necklace (shop here)

Amethyst and silver plated wire pendant (shop here)

Seraphinite and copper wire wrapped pendant necklace (shop here)

Renaissance brass wire wrapped pendant necklace with Dragon Vein Agate (shop here)

However, this is my blog, and I have the last say ;) (and I'm his wife, so I have the last say anyway). And this is my selection of Tree of Life pendants and earrings. Since this is my selection, I don't know if they're all available, but they look great. You can check availability by checking his Tree of Life Pendants shop section.

Tree of Life pendants